Completing projects in 15 provinces throughout China and far in African countries like Kenya, we have accomplished the construction of 503km Class-I and above highways in recent five years, including 110km expressway roadbeds, 1,350m long single tunnel and 3,200m long single bridge for expressways, and main bridge with 75m long single span for Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Expressway Bid #6 Project. Of all the projects completed, Sichuan Chengdu-Renshou Expressway Bid # CR5 Project won Sichuan “Tianfu Cup” Gold Award; Shanxi Taiyuan-Jiaxian Expressway Bid #4 Pavement Works won Shanxi “Fenshui Cup” Quality Award; #330 State Highway Jindong District Reconstruction Project Bid #4 Works won Jinhua “Double Dragon Cup” award (Quality Engineering Award); and Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway Expansion Project Bid #8 Tunnel – to – Road Reconstruction Team was awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade Union the title of “Zhejiang Pioneering Workers”. Our completion of C81 and C53 projects in Kenya helps us set up a good image among owners and local natives. 

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