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The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau carried out the inspection of raw materialsphysical quality of the provincial highway water transport projectthe second half of the year.
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On October 20th, the Provincial Department of Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau entrusted Wenzhou Traffic Engineering Test and Testing Co., Ltd. to conduct a special spot check on the raw materials and physical quality of the Jinwu Highway Project in the second half of 2018. The sampling inspection carried out on-site sampling of raw materials such as steel, cement, sand, gravel and admixture, and focused on the engineering entities such as the pullout resistance of the tunnel anchor and the fullness of the grout, the thickness of the protective layer of the steel, and the rebound strength of the concrete. quality. The record of the whole process law enforcement recorder was checked and confirmed by the owner, supervisor and construction unit.
      In the next step, our project department will continue to strengthen the source quality control of the project, strictly follow the standard sampling and inspection, ensure the frequency of material sampling, and at the same time increase the on-site inspection and spot check of the physical structure, do a good job in the construction process control, and strictly control the quality of the engineering entity. Close, improve the quality of engineering construction.