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Xu Yuguang, Chairman of the Board of Group Company, Visited Ethiopia Twice35 daysSigned the Contract
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Zhou Han

On Dec. 11, Mr. Xu Yuguang, Chairman of the board, received an invitation from Ethiopian Roads Authority. The next day, he set out to attend the contract signing ceremony. With the witness of leaders of Ethiopian Roads Authority, state media and other invited companies at present, Chairman Xu Yuguang successfully completed the signing of Lare-New Jikawo project and took a photo with the director of Ethiopian Roads Authority and the director of the Tendering Committee. During the meeting, he not only established a good image of our company, but also won the applause of the audience and established a new chapter for our company in the prosperous overseas market.

The next day, the chairman selected the location for Ethiopian Branch in person, visited many areas, and carefully observed the structure and surroundings of each house, and put forward its advantages and disadvantages respectively, in order to make an optimal choice for the accommodation of overseas employees.

At the beginning of November, Chairman Xu Yuguang and his followers went to Gambela, where the project is located, to conduct site visits and gave key advice for future construction of the project. Later, he also met with the executives of Ethiopia Branch of Seventh Bureau of China Railway Group and China Communication Construction, and had close communications on relevant issues.