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Main Part of the Second Phase of Infrastructure Construction Testing Building ProjectTangya Base completed
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Ni Jian - Infrastructure construction department

January 8, 2019 is a memorable day. With the strong support and cooperation of senior executives and all colleagues of the Group Company, the main part of the second phase of the testing building was successfully completed. On the same day, a grand ceremony was held at the site. The senior executives of relevant departments, such as the group company, sister company, design department, consultant engineers, construction and infrastructure construction department, witnessed this delightful moment.

The second phase of the infrastructure construction project started in September, 2018. The infrastructure construction department made plan with meticulous care and overall deployed the project construction. During the construction process, we upheld the "100-year plan, quality first. Safety first, prevention first." strategy and strictly controlled the quality of materials, executed the project in strict accordance with the requirements of drawings and specifications and made plans to solve the problems encountered during construction in time. We also notified the construction department to revise the problems found in the process of self-inspection. With the close cooperation and joint efforts of construction company, design company, consultant engineers and survey company, the difficulties of weather factors have been overcome, and the main structure has been completed according to the original plan. The construction had been progressing smoothly and no accident in safety and quality happened.

In the next step of construction, the infrastructure construction department will continue to strive for excellence and complete the project within the construction period specified in the contract .