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Cangling Road Project built by Yonghe Municipal Company appraised as the safe, civilizedstandard construction site of Lishui City2018
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Zhao Bihua

Recently, the Yonghe Municipal Company has received good news that the Cangling Road project undertaken by it has been awarded as the safe ,civilized and standard construction site of Lishui City in 2018. At the same time, the project will advance to participate in the evaluation of Lishui City "Jiulong Cup" high-quality project award. 

Cangling Road Project is located in Cangshan District of Lijin Hardware Science and Technology Industrial Park. The highway is 3668- meter-long and 42- meter- wide. It is the trunk road of the park and the key municipal project of Jinyun County, Lishui. Yonghe got the project in November 2014 with a contract value of 55.4 million yuan, which is the largest municipal highway project we get since the establishment of our company. It started in January 2015, completed in April 2016 and was overtaken on January 12, 2017.

Since the beginning of the project, our company has taken municipal-level standard construction site and "Jiulong Cup" for High Quality Projects award as the goal of project management. In order to achieve the goal, the Engineering Department and the Project Department concentrated on establishing the concept of "standardization, humanization, energy conservation and environmental protection, high quality and high level", and made a comprehensive plan for the project safety, civilized construction and quality control and set up project management network and target-focused construction management system and made everyone clear about his work and responsibility and at the same time increased human resource, material and financial investment, so that we had laid a solid ideological and material foundation for the work.

The aim to be ranked as “A” level and become the standard is not only to get the honor for a specific project, but also to cultivate project management personnel to equipped with good working status and scientific, meticulous attitude, which is also the basis of a construction company's performance ability. It is understood that, in recent years, in order to cope with the weakness in management and market competitiveness, municipal companies have put a lot of efforts in striving for awards. They regarded this work as a key to break the deadlock. They have successively got good results in Shilong Road in Lishui and Songlian Road in Jinhua winning prizes for good quality. Now Cangling Road Project is awarded the honor which affirmed the municipal company's great progress in engineering management in last three years. It is reported that No. 2 Lot of Donghua Street Extension Project (Xiaochuan Road to Xiaoyue Line) in Jin-Yi Metropolitan New District under construction by the Municipal Company will also participate in the evaluation of Jinhua Civilized and Standard Construction Site and the "Shuanglong Cup" for High- Quality Projects in 2019. Let's look forward to more good news from the Yonghe Municipal Company.